The Best of Us by Jennifer Scoggins

The opposite of us would walk upright,
never be uptight.
Never protest or pick a fight
for the right way to live in spite of our peers.
The opposite of us wouldnít know the word rejection.
The opposite of us would never procrastinate or
hate to be late. We would never
worry about being left out.
But thatís not the best of us. Itís just a different us.
Something we canít be. We can only be free.
The opposite of me would be tall and thin.
Secure in my skin.
Making lots of money and kissing my honey.
The opposite of me would do things right,
stay and win the fight.
But thatís not the best of me.
Itís just a different me.
Trying to be a poser is nothing I want to be.
The opposite of him would not be gorgeous.
He would have foul smelling breath
and rotten teeth to match.
Bug eyes and a pimpless ride.
Add fifty pounds to his bones,
no girl would call his phone.
Empty those pockets and then he would be
Much less perfect than he used to be.
But thatís not the best of him.
Itís just a different him.
Some jealous personsí
mind at work killing who he really is.
We are all imperfect.
Itís something we will never control
Stop filling our minds with what we want
To instead of who we need to be.
Letís keep the best of us, that no one can have.
Itís not the way we look of feel everyday,
But the goals we try to reach would be
Much easier if we let our issues go and remain the best of us.

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