Beast of Burden by Lucas Spriggs

You awkward idle beast.
The frightened boy,
Fearful of what lies beneath
Your coiled bowels,
Finds refuge
Within your embrace

The wretched lover,
Who once released her passions
Within your subtle grasp,
Now comes to you--
Tainted and forgotten--
For consolation.

Daddy's little girl--
Called upon by daddy
In the early morning hours--
Seeks solace as she digs
Her pink soft fingers
Into your indifferent flesh.

The disaffected husband,
Who consecrates his marriage
Upon your firm support,
Also justifies his
With similar support.

The confused young man,
Who stained you with his
Guilty fantasies,
Now stains your boxy frame
When they are realized.
You helpless burdened beast,

Proclaimed purveyor of sleep,
Incapable of intervening,
On the lives of many who remain
Unappreciative of your
Indisciminate embrace.

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