A Prayer, in Winter by Justin P.H. Dixon

I stopped to notice snowfall’s light—
I paused and turned again
A blanket of serenity
Had overcome the din.

The world was lost in grayscale dreams
Divided by the walk;
I turned my eyes to heaven’s gaze
To seek immortal spark.

I scanned the sky for truth, but spied
A solitary soldier
Observing sleeplessly my quest
With statuesque demeanor.

And soon—more stars encircled me
Equipped with bestial stares
Their blitzkrieg conquering frozen souls-
Protecting nature’s tears

Then somewhere on an unseen road,
A mournful siren cried;
But we were slow to hear its call—
Winter’s grace and I.

My human mind revisited
That gloomy, speechless sound
When, midst creation’s kingdom come,
I gave in to the ground

“O mighty stars,” I begged out loud,
“And frosty earth below—
Please kiss me with your stonewashed rays
And bathe me in your snow.”

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