Editor's Note

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Welcome to the tenth anniversary edition of The River Bluff Review. This issue was no easier than the previous nine issues, but we are proud to report that we managed to avoid physical injury and permanent emotional scars. Ten long years ago, The River Bluff Review began as an extracurricular activity, conceived by poet and professor Allison Funk and nine brave student editors. Four years later, the university graciously decided to give students the option to receive academic credit in exchange for their time and dedication. Today, The River Bluff Review still reigns supreme as the only student lit magazine on campus. We hope that this year’s edition will not only please our student audience, but also make past student editors proud.

We would like to thank Allison Funk, our advisor and mentor, without whose guidance, this issue would not have been possible. Thanks also to last year's faculty advisor Jeffrey Skoblow, graduate assistant Edgar Hahn, and to Alex Babione and Robert McAdams for their help with the computer software and the internet version of the RBR. Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to all the talented writers of SIUE -- thank you for taking the time and effort to submit your work. We believe that the pieces we have chosen best represent the SIUE writers and poets of 2000-01, and we hope that you will agree.

We proudly release the tenth edition of our little magazine for your approval.

The Staff of The River Bluff Review