P O S T - B A C C A L A U R E A T E   C E R T I F I C A T I O N
i n   A M E R I C A N   &   E N G L I S H   L I T E R A T U R E

This program offers students the option of advanced education in literary studies without committing to the full course of study of the M. A.

Admission requirements for the Post-Baccalaureate Certification are the same as those for the M. A. in American and English Literature, with the exception of the language requirement. (Students who begin the Post-Baccalaureate program and then transfer to the M. A. will be required to meet the M. A. language requirement.)

The requirements for the Certification are listed below.

Eighteen (18) hours of coursework (six courses) are required for completion of the program.

1) Students must complete ENG 501: Modern Literary Studies, preferably in their first semester.
2)Students must complete ENG 502: Modern Literary Theory.
3)Students may distribute their remaining four courses among several of the following categories or they may concentrate on one or two of the categories.
4)At least half of the six courses must be on the 500 level.

Old English and Medieval British Literature
404--Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
406--Old English Language
421--Poetry and Prose of the Medieval Period
505--Studies in Old and Middle English

Renaissance and 17th Century British Literature
422--Poetry and Prose of the Renaissance
423--Poetry and Prose of the 17th Century
460--Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama
471a--Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
471b--Shakespeare: Tragedies and Non-Dramatic Works
506--Studies in Renaissance and 17th Century Literature

18th Century British Literature
424--Poetry & Prose of the Restoration and 18th Century
454--18th Century Novel
461--Resoration and 18th Century Drama
508--Studies in Restoration and 18th Century Literature

19th Century British Literature
426--Poetry and Prose of the Romantic Period
427--Poetry and Prose of the Victorian Era
455--Victorian Novel
510--Studies in 19th Century British Literature

Modern British Literature
428--British Poetry and Prose of the Modern Era
456--20th Century British Novel
462--Modern British and Continental Drama
482--Technology and Literature
515--Studies in 20th Century American and/or British Literature

Pre-20th Century American Literature
431--Major American Writers of the 191h Century
434--American Poetry to 1900
439--American Novel to Early Pre-20th
518--Studies in Colonial and 19th Century American Writers

Modern American Literature
432--Major American Writers of the 20th Century
435--American Poetry From 1900 to 1950
437--American Drama
440--American Novel from Early 20th Century to 1950
441a--Contemporary American Literature: Poetry
441b--Contemporary American Literature: Fiction
482--Technology and Literature
515--Studies in 20th Century American and/or British Literature .0

Gender and Ethnic Studies
446--Studies in African-American Literature and Criticism
457--Studies in Postcolonial Literature and Criticism
478--Studies in Women, Language, and Literature
526--Critical Studies in African-American Writing
570-- Teaching African-American Oral and Written Literature

Literary Criticism and Theory
495--History of Critical Theory

Variable Topic Course
(may be included in any of the above categories, depending on the topic)
458--Topics in English Language and Literature
521--Topics in Literary Study

As with all specializations within the Master's program in the Department of English at SIUE, students are required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 in all graduate course work; students not meeting this requirement will be dropped from the program.

Please note that, per University policy, "No substitution or waiver of courses . . . is permissible for a certificate program."

The above requirements are available as a printable checklist [PDF], or you may obtain a copy of the checklist from the information rack outside the office of the Director of Graduate Studies. You will need to submit a hardcopy version of the completed checklist to the Director of Graduate Studies before the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate can be officially awarded.

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