The English Department and Graduate Studies

Interaction with the graduate English faculty will add depth to your coursework and personal intellectual and cultural development. In recent years, members of the Department have been honored with various forms of recognition, including

The faculty's commitment to quality instruction is also reflected in the accomplishments of their students. SIUE graduate students present papers at graduate student and professional conferences nationwide. All SIUE English MA graduates who have applied to PhD programs have been successful in recent years and have been accepted into programs at Purdue, Columbia University, the University of North Carolina, New Mexico State, the University of Colorado, Clemson, the University of Pittsburgh, St. Louis University, and Washington University, among others. English Department MA candidates receive an average of two SIUE Competitive Graduate Awards each year, have in recent years twice won the University-wide Outstanding Graduate Thesis Award, and a TESL graduate recently received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach in Czechoslovakia.


Members of the English Department have written numerous books and articles; edited collections of essays; presented papers at national and international conferences; and done research in many areas, ranging from 12th-century homiletics to literary theory to the grammar of Nigerian languages.

The department publishes three nationally known literary and scholarly journals as well as an annual of student creative work, and funds a number of competitive student writing awards.

Graduate students in the Department of English will also have the chance to hear a diverse group of professional writers from across the country; visiting writers have included Sonia Sanchez, Cleopatra Mathis, Jeanne Murray Walker, Tim Westmoreland, Andrea Hollander Budy, Keith Gilyard, Howard Levy, and Jennifer Atkinson, all of whom have shared their work at readings and creative writing workshops. The Department also hosts visiting scholars in various disciplines.


Graduates of the English MA program have been successful in a variety of fields. While a significant percentage go on to pursue doctoral studies, graduates have also embarked on careers in teaching, editing, and technical writing. Others have found success as librarians, computer consultants, journalists, and attorneys. Employers highly value and continue to hire graduates who can write well, analyze efficiently, and have a broad awareness of their culture — attributes students will acquire while pursuing graduate studies in English.

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