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These links provide general information and support for graduate students.

Calls for Paper

Calls for Papers provides information regarding conferences and requests for proposals. Of considerable importance for all graduate students, but especially for those interested in pursuing the PhD.

Graduate Studies Discussion Groups

These email discussion lists deal with various aspects of graduate studies, for both English and humanities students. See the separate Calls for Papers page if you're interested in presenting some of your research at an upcoming conference.

H-GRAD Humanities Graduate Students
Part of the Humanities Online Initiative, this forum "provides graduate students a safe, student-only forum for discussing issues related to graduate school in humanities-based professions."

Web Sites for Graduate Students

How to be a Good Graduate Student
By Marie desJardins, from the Web site at Indiana U. A lot of useful advice...

Association for the Support of Graduate Students
Includes links to discussion groups for students working on theses or dissertations, as well as links to additional grad student organizations and other useful sites.

Graduate Student Associations Council
Another collection of useful links.

Graduate Guide
A wide-ranging guide to graduate schools and graduate studies.

Academic Careers Online

Chronicle of Higher Education
Includes abstracts of current articles and other information, including job listings. Some information is available to Chronicle subscribers only.

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