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Students planning to become certified as Secondary English Teachers must fulfill all the requirements for a regular English BA, in addition to coursework in the School of Education and Speech Communication. Before student teaching, students must complete a rigorous screening process and pass several state exams for Illinois teachers. Because the requirements of the major are fairly complex, we highly suggest that new majors familiarize themselves with the materials provided below.

Degree Programs and General Information

BA in English plus Professional Educator Licensure in Secondary English Language Arts (pdf)
Bachelor of Arts in English for majors seeking secondary teaching certification.

SIUE English Department Undergraduate Handbook

Post Bachelor's Degree Licensure (pdf)
See Dr. Anderson for post-baccalaureate program advisement.

SIUE Master of Science in Education
See Dr. Anderson for MSEd/English Education program advisement.

Student Teacher Screening & Writing Portfolio

Pre-Screening Transcript Review (doc)

Student Teacher Screening Information: Writing Portfolio and Screening Interview (pdf)

Information about Academic Writing (pdf)

Spring 2015 Screening Deadlines (pdf)

Self Reflection and Portfolio Assessment Form (docx)

Lesson Planning Materials

Lesson Planner w/Explanation (pdf)

Lesson Planner, blank (doc)

Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (pdf)

NCTE/NCATE Standards for Initial Preparation of Teachers of Secondary English Language Arts (pdf)

Student Teaching

Cooperating Teacher/Student Teacher Handbook (pdf)


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Last Update: 10 September 2015