Sharon James McGee   Sharon James McGee

Chair, Department of English

Office: PH 3206
Phone: x2060

Ph.D. Purdue University
---major area of study: Rhetoric and composition
---minor area of study: English as a second language

Responding to and assessing writing; empirical research methods & methodology (with particular emphasis on qualitative research); feminist theory and research; teacher research; technical and professional writing; second language writing

Academic Experience:
Before coming to SIUE in the fall 2001, Dr. McGee was a faculty member at Kansas State University. As a graduate student, she also taught at Purdue University and East Tennessee State University.

Research Methods and Academic Writing (ENG 552); Technical and Business Writing (ENG 491); Studies in Fiction (ENG 204); Expository Writing II (ENG 102); Expository Writing I (ENG 101); Expository Writing I for engineers

Current Research Interests:
--institutional and curricular constraints of teaching composition --writing program formation --teacher response to student writing in Social Work (MRG grant)

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