The English Department annually conducts a number of awards competitions, each of which recognizes excellence in a different aspect of literature or language studies. The winners, who also receive modest monetary stipends, are recognized at the Honors Day Convocation, held each year in May. Not all contests are offered every year, nor are all awards granted every year.

Rules for the 2015 contests can be found here.

A list of past contest winners is available here.

2013-2014 Winners

Front Row, left to right: Cynthia A. Campbell; Jennifer Wilson; Emily Jenkins; Leah Wallace
Back Row, left to right: Devon Gunn; Briana Whiteside; Allen T. Ingold; Dr. Sharon James McGee, Robin Bauer, Tim Harvey

1. The William Carlin Slattery Memorial Award in Poetry or Drama

This contest encourages creative and original endeavors by recognizing outstanding work in poetry or drama written by an SIUE undergraduate or graduate student.

Winner: Cody Slauson & Cynthia A. Campbell

2. The Outstanding English Student Award

Winner: Leah Wallace

3. The Garry N. Murphy Memorial Award in English

This award goes to that undergraduate English major or minor who, in the judgment of the English faculty, best exhibits precision in written English and subtlety and imagination in studies of language or literature.

Winner: Emily Jenkins

4. The Mimi Zanger Memorial Award in Fiction

This recognizes outstanding fiction by an SIUE undergraduate or graduate student.

Winner: Timothy Harvey
Honorable Mention: Robin Bauer
Honorable Mention: Josh Hanafin

5. The Dan Havens Award in American Literature

This award recognizes excellence in undergraduate writing in the field of American Literature before 1914.

Winner: Jennifer Wison

6. A. Edwin Graham Memorial Award

The award is presented to an SIUE graduate student for precision in written English and subtlety and imagination in graduate studies of language or literature.

Winner: Briana Whiteside

7. Friends of Lovejoy Library Student Teaching Award

This award is given in recognition of excellence in student teaching in English.

Winner: Carrie N. Edson

8. The Gertrude Drake Award

Presented for academic excellence in the study of Latin or Greek.

Winner: Allen T. Ingold

9. The Nicholas T. Joost Memorial Award

Named after a long-time member of the SIUE English Department and the founding editor of PLL: Papers on Language & Literature, this award competition is open to open to graduate students enrolled in the Department of English Language and Literature with a specialization in American and English Literature or who have completed degree requirements within the last three semesters who choose the thesis or three-paper plan option. Selection is based on the quality of the thesis submitted by the applicant, or in the case of a student who chooses the three-paper plan, the quality of all three papers submitted.

Winner: n/a

English Student Scholarship

Sponsored by Mr. Patrick D. Hundley and the Department of English Language and Literature.

Winner: Devon Gunn

These award competitions are announced in most English classes, usually early in the Spring semester; for more information, contact the Department of English.

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