Your Invitation

February 21, 2012
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Meridian Ballroom
Morris University Center

General Admission: $25
Student Admission: $5



2012 Award Recipients & Honorees

Outstanding Junior | Senior | Graduate Student | Alumni

Teaching Award | Service Award | Researcher | Long Term Achievement Award

Retiring Faculty & Staff


Outstanding Junior

Jonathan Denning Electrical & Computer Engineering
Joseph Fehrenbacher Mechanical Engineering
Meghan Glaspell Computer Science
Phillip Leatherman Construction
Bradley Ripley Civil Engineering
Jessica Thompson Industrial & Mechanical Engineering

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Outstanding Senior

Daniel Ahrens Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ryan Hann Civil Engineering
Matthew Lawson Computer Science
Kerry Lorts Construction
Eray Ozturk Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Nathan Rohner Mechanical Engineering

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Graduate Student

Isam Al-Yaseri Civil Engineering
Jianzhe Huang Mechanical Engineering
Ehsan Jahanpour Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Binod Pant Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sahana Tambi Sathyanarayana Computer Science

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Tyria Riley Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jeffrey L. Abel Civil Engineering
Eric Brault Mechanical Engineering
Ralph French Computer Science
Michael McPherson Construction
Christopher Polley Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

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Sohyung Cho Industrial & Mechanical Engineering
Jie Gong Construction
Ryan Krauss Mechanical Engineering
Chiang Lin Civil Engineering
Bradley Noble Electrical & Computer Engineering
Xudong Yu Computer Science

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Service Awards

Kim Bateman Environmental Resources Training Center

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Andy Stefik Computer Science

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Long Term Achievement

Albert Luo Mechanical Engineering

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Retiring Faculty & Staff

Bryon Ehlman Computer Science
Cindy Korte Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Chiang Lin Civil Engineering
Rex Pierce Civil Engineering