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  • IE graduate student, Goksu Avdan won 2018 Research Grants for Graduate Students (RGGS) with $500. Congratulations to Goksu and his advisor (Dr. Lee).

  • Dr. Cho, together with Drs. Neumeister and Gupta at SIU School of Medicine, won "Innovator of the Year" award in Medical Device Category during the inaugural 2018 Illinois Capital Innovation Competition. The team invented a syringe system for fluid separation during surgery that helps reduce the time a patient is under anesthesia, as well as the time the surgeons and anesthesiologist are in the operating room. The University of Illinois Springfield, Innovate Springfield and the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine honored eleven central Illinois individuals and organizations with "Innovator of the Year" awards during the inaugural Illinois Capital Innovation Competition on April 6, 2018, at the UIS Student Union.

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  • IE Senior and President of Manufacturing Engineers Student Club in IE, Tyler Marquess has been selected as a recipient for Outstanding Student Organization Officer of the Year. We are so proud of his accomplishments and all he does. Tyler will be recognized during the Kimmel Leadership Awards Ceremony on Monday, April 23, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. in the Morris University Center, Meridian Ballroom.

  • Dr. Onal's paper, titled "Green Roof Energy Savings Analysis for Pilot Regions in Florida using Image Processing Technique" has been selected as the Best Paper Award of Energy Systems Division of IISE 2018 Conference. The award will be formally announced on May 20, 2018 during IISE conference.

  • Dr. Eneyo provided the Lean Supermarket Training Workshop for Schnucks during this spring break. There were 23 attendees from 7 different Schnuck stores.

  • IE IPAC members and students had Career Planning Q&A Session on February 22, 2018.

  • Two IE graduate students, Deniz Sahin and Saygin Sop presented their MS thesis research during annual IE Research Day Event on February 22, 2018.

    • Deniz Sahin, Time-Optimal Scheduling for High Throughput Screening Systems (Advisor: Dr. Chen)

    • Saygin Sop, MRI-Based┬áThree-Dimensional Modeling and Assessment of Cardiac Adipose Tissue (Advisor: Dr. Klingensmith, Dr. Lee)

  • IE junior, Brittany Booten has been selected as a SIUE-Schnucks intern via the SIUE ENGTEC Internship Program. She will investigate the current labor standards by taking work measurements in various departments at Schnucks and develop a tool to perform optimal scheduling by taking into account all attributes and constraints of a department. Dr. Ko will mentor Brittany with his expertise in data analytics and optimization. Through the ENGTEC Internship Program, SIUE will receive $16,560 from Schnucks for this project that begins on January 8, 2018 and ends on August 31, 2018.

  • Dr. Sinan Onal's NSF grant to build Cutting-Edge Motion Capture and Analysis System has been covered in SIUE News - November 9, 2017, 2:00 PM.
    "Motion capture and analysis systems record the movement of objects or people, which can be analyzed or modified using computer software," said lead principal investigator Sinan Onal, PhD, assistant professor in the SIUE School of Engineering (SOE) Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. "It has found applications in the military, healthcare, sports, visual arts, video gaming, filmmaking and robotics industries. Specifically, it has improved the quality of healthcare in numerous ways."

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  • Dr. Robert Mock (BS IE '90), the President of Johnson and Wales University-Charlotte, has been inducted to SIUE Alumni Hall of Fame during "A Night Among the Stars" ceremony on Friday, October 6, 2017. "SIUE shaped me and gave me the opportunity to plan manufacturing facilities," said Mock, who acknowledged the hurricane victims, Las Vegas shooting victims and protestors in St. Louis before closing his remarks by reciting from the poem "Invictus."

  • IE Graduate Students, Priyank Shah and Jijo Varghese, received Distinguished Paper Award from best paper competition in 2017 Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference, Orlando, FL (Advisor: Dr. Eneyo)

    • Priyank Shah, Value Engineering and Lean Six Sigma - Integrated Approaches for Process Improvement

    • Jijo Varghese, Quality Value Stream Mapping: An Innovative Approach to Quality Assurance

  • IE enrollment in fall 2017 is 143 of both undergraduate and graduate students. It is the highest enrollment in IE history.

  • Five IE graduate students present their research works in international conferences in fall 2017.

    • 2017 IISE Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference: Priyank Shah (Advisor: Dr. Eneyo), Jijo Varghese (Advisor: Dr. Eneyo)

    • 2017 BMES Annual Meeting: Narayana Kurapati (Advisor: Dr. Lee), Naga S. Maddali (Advisor: Dr. Lee), Cem Yaba (Advisor: Dr. Onal)

  • Dr. Xin Chen serves 2018 IISE Annual Conference & Expo as Computer & Information Systems Track Chair (Other co-chair: Dr. Changqing Cheng at SUNY-Binghamton).

  • IE sophomore, Kyler Lockhart has been selected as a SIUE-Schnucks intern via newly established SIUE ENGTEC Intern Program. Dr. Xin Chen with his expertise in scheduling and optimization will mentor Kyler for improving operations in bakery department. SIUE ENGTEC Intern Program helps students have solid academic knowledge, practical experience, and be ready to be productive in the Sponsoring Company if hired.

  • SIUE IE Program holds 55 ranking position nationally in the top 100 most popular schools for Industrial Engineering Major and Degree Program.

  • IE graduate student, Moncy George Chacko is the recipient of John Grant Helm Memorial Scholarship for the Spring Semester 2018. This scholarship ($500), sponsored by St. Louis CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals), recognizes outstanding students with their school performance, leadership and involvement in campus organizations and supply chain curriculum, career path, and internships.

  • IE graduate students (Cem Yaba, Parisa Jannatifard) presented their MS thesis research on IE Research Presentation Day Event - February 23, 2017.

  • IE students participated The Art of Leadership Certificate Program sponsored by Pinnacle Foods Group in January 4-6, 2017. The Leadership Program was designed to help the students Understand, Develop and Sustain Leadership. During this program we have shown the students how to use Basic Principles in Developing Strategy, how to achieve Organizational Alignment, Training and Development. We have shown through many activities how Leadership and its Role in Change Management can impact an organizational performance. Within some of these activities the students have also learned Performance Management Techniques to Develop and Sustain an Ongoing Organization.

Awards & Honors

  • Dr. Chen has been selected as 2017 Outstanding Teacher of IE.
  • Dr. Chen has been nominated for 2017 SOE Outstanding Service Award.

  • Dr. Onal has been nominated for 2017 SOE Outstanding Research Award.

  • Dr. Jesse Stevenson has been selected for 2017 SOE Outstanding Adjunct Award.

  • 2017 Outstanding Student Awardees:
    • Outstanding Graduate Student: Cem Yaba
    • Outstanding Senior Student: Jeremy Jones
    • Outstanding Junior Student: Taylor Pyzynski

  • Ms. Megan Harris has been selected for 2017 Outstanding IE Alumnus Award.
    • IE alumna Megan Harris has established herself as an outstanding engineer at Boeing since she graduated from IE in 2005. Over the past 12 years, she has held numerous positions starting with the Engineering Skills Rotation Program (ESRP) and currently works as a manager of manufacturing engineering. "Every position I have held has made me better at my next job," Harris said. "Everything is interconnected, and my experiences have helped me become a well-rounded and efficient engineer." She has been an active member of Industrial and Professional Advisory Council for Industrial Engineering Program for several years. In addition, Harris visits regular base School of Engineering and IE Program for the recruitment of our students. She has been a role model for many IE students.

Graduate Student Research

  • Keith Jackson (Spring 2017), Development of Lean and Six Sigma, M.S. Research Project, Academic Advisor: Dr. Xin Chen
  • Samantha Muir (Spring 2017), Service Counter Labor Optimization Tool, M.S. Research Project, Academic Advisor: Dr. Emmanuel Eneyo
  • Rose Schneider (Spring 2017), Predicting Annual Flying Hours under Conditions of Uncertainty, M.S. Thesis, Academic Advisor: Dr. Xin Chen
  • Serhat Yelkenci (Spring 2017), Algorithmic Music Composition Using Linear Algebra, M.S. Thesis, Academic Advisor: Dr. Xin Chen
  • Saeid Bahremand (Fall 2016), Blood Glucose Management in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Rats by Artificial Neural Network Based Model Predictive Control, M.S. Thesis, Academic Advisor: Dr. Hoo Sang Ko
  • Sumanth Bhavisetty (Fall 2016), DC Servo Motor Actuation by EMG Muscle Sensor and Arduino Board at the Elbow Joint, M.S. Research Project, Academic Advisor: Dr. Sohyung Cho
  • Tsung-Yueh Lee (Fall 2016), Performance Comparison between Support Vector Machine & Random Forest in Telecommunication Churn Prediction, M.S. Research Project, Academic Advisor: Dr. Xin Chen