Sohyung Cho, Ph. D.

Professor and Program Director

Industrial Engineering

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville,
Box 1805, Edwardsville, Illinois 62026

Voice: (618) 650-2817
Fax: (618) 650-2555


           Dr. Sohyung Cho is Professor of Industrial Engineering at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He received his Ph.D. degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on manufacturing automation including robotics, manufacturing system control and complexity, machine learning and data mining, and bio-manufacturing. He teaches courses in manufacturing processes and systems, CAM, CIM, and engineering metrology.
Degrees Held
  • Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea
Areas of Expertise
  • Manufacturing Automation and Integration
    • Robotics
    • PC / PLC Based Control
    • CAD / CAM / CIM
    • Machine Vision
  • Manufacturing System Control and Complexity Analysis
    • Production Planning/Scheduling
    • Data Mining/Machine Learning
    • System Performance Evaluation
  • Biomanufacturing
    • Automation of Allograft Machining
    • Surgical Skill Assessment
    • Cryogenics
    • Design of Special Machines
Experience and Background
           After five years of service as an assistant professor at University of Miami (FL), Dr. Cho joined in Industrial Engineering at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2008. His publication appears in many prestigious journals including Journal of Manufacturing Systems, IIE Transactions and Automatica. In addition to his career in the academia, Dr. Cho has over ten years of consulting experience for companies in Korea, Pennsylvania and Florida in the field of manufacturing automation and control. Recently, his research interests focus on bio-manufacturing.
  • IE 106 Engineering Problem Solving
  • IE 370 Manufacturing Processes
  • IE 401 Biomechanics
  • IE 466 Engineering Metrology
  • IE 470 Manufacturing Systems
  • IE 476 Platwide Process Control
  • IE 478 Industrial Robotics
  • IE 576 Advanced CIM