IMPACT - Faculty Research and Highlights

Spring 2018

Dr. Lee (co-PI) submitted a research project proposal to NIH in January 2018.

  • Model-based assessment of cardiac adipose tissue volume and distribution ($437,000)

Fall 2017

Dr. Cho (PI) submitted a research project proposal to American Heart Association (AHA) in November 2017.

  • Determining the mechanical components of endotracheal intubation that differentiate novice from expert providers ($21,000)

Drs. Ko (co-PI) and Lee (co-PI) submitted a research project proposal for SIU SOM/SIUE/SIUC Collaboration Support Grant in October 2017.

  • Effect of Circadian Rhythm on Blood Glucose Levels of Diabetic Rats studied using the Rat Artificial Pancreas System ($20,000)

Drs. Onal (PI) and Cho (co-PI) have received NSF Award in September 2017.

  • MRI: Acquisition of Motion Capture/Analysis System (MCAS) for Leading-edge Research and Teaching ($185,358)

Summer 2017

Drs. Ko (co-PI) and Lee (co-PI) submitted a project proposal to NIH in June 2017

  • A Feasibility Study of Developing Customized Algorithm for Artificial Pancreas System using a Rat Model ($433,500)

Dr. Lee (co-PI)'s project proposal to American Heart Association (AIREA) has been awarded in June 2017

  • Volumetric Assessment of Epicardial Adipose Tissue Using Echocardiography ($77,000)

Dr. Onal's proposal for STEM Center Faculty Fellow for 2017-2018 was approved in May 2017

  • Integration of Medical Device Design and Fabrication Projects in to the Industrial Engineering Curriculum through Collaborating with Industry Partners

Spring 2017

Dr. Cho (co-PI) received Concept Development Award (SIU School of Medicine) in Aril 2017

  • Novel Syringe System for Isolation of Lipoaspirate

Dr. Chen (co-PI) submitted NSF CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) proposal in February 2017

  • Ushering in the Smart and Autonomous Power Converters for Utility Power Grid

Dr. Onal (PI) submitted NSF MRI proposal in January 2017

  • Acquisition of Motion Capture/Analysis System for Leading-Edge Research and Teaching ($185,358)

Fall 2016

Dr. Chen submitted three proposals to NSF and DARPA.

  • DARPA (PI): Improving Search for Detection of Adversarial Activities
  • Collaborative Proposal (co-PI): Optimal Scheduling and Control of High Throughput Screening Systems in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (NSF/SMOR)
  • Collaborative Proposal (co-PI): Job Market Dynamics in Engineering and Computer Science (EHR CORE)

Dr. Cho presented at 2016 SIU Technology and Innovation Expo.

  • Novel Syringe for Isolating Lipoaspirate, October 2016, Chicago, IL

Dr. Eneyo presented his research work at a national conference.

  • IISE Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference 2016, September 2016, San Antonio, TX

Dr. Ko presented his research work supported by SIUE ART Grant at a national conference.

  • Glucose Prediction in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus by Artificial Neural Networks, IISE Annual Conference & Expo, May 2016, Anaheim, CA.

Dr. Lee teaches off-campus courses on Unigraphics NX and CATIA to Boeing engineers at Boeing.

Dr. Onal received SIUE STEP 2017 Award

  • STEP Project (PI): Comparative Analysis of the Peripapillary Outer Retinal Layer for Diagnosis of Glaucoma, August 2016 - July 2017

Dr. Onal submitted NSF SCH proposal and internal proposal for NSF MRI.

  • NSF SCH (PI), INT: Collaborative Research: Development of a Prediction System for Preventive Diagnosis of Multi-stage Glaucoma
  • NSF MRI Internal Proposal (PI), Acquisition of Motion Capture/Analysis System (MCAS) for Leading-edge Research and Teaching

IE PhD student, Ali Panahi successfully defended his doctoral dissertation research in October 2016 (Advisor: Dr. Cho).

Parisa Jannatifard presented her research at a national conference: An Inventory Model with Fuzzy Demand in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain Management: Drug Distribution in Hospital Pharmacy, INFORMS 2016, November 2016, Nashville, TN (Advisor: Dr. Emmanuel Eneyo)

Cem Yaba presented his research at a national conference: Sensitivity Analysis for Designing Head Alignment Device for Dental Patients during Cone Beam Computer Tomography, 2016 BMES Conference, October 2016, Minneapolis, MN (Advisor: Dr. Sinan Onal)

Senior design teams from TongMyong University (Korea) presented their designs in IE375 (Instructor: Dr. Lee).