IME Outstanding Awardees



2014 awards:

  • Boeing Company Scholarship: Brandon Alvis
  • HeplerBroom LLC IME Scholarship: Trisha Bach
  • HeplerBroom LLC IME Scholarship: Robert Carter
  • Russell Solomon Award: Michelle Zdanowski



2013 awards:

  • Outstanding IME Jr. Award: Brandon Alvis
  • Outstanding IME Sr. Award: Cansu Avci
  • Outstanding IME Graduate Award: Ahmed Alrawi
  • Outstanding IME teacher of year: Dr. Hoo Sang Ko
  • Outstanding IME alumni award: Jeff Gaines
  • IMERIT Scholarship Award of of $2000 per student:  Trisha Bach, Rodney West and Ryan Daiber



2012 awards:

  • Outstanding IME Jr. Award: Clayton Marsland
  • Outstanding IME Sr. Award: Ayse Betul Akyuz
  • Outstanding IME Graduate Award: Nima Rafibakhsh
  • Outstanding IME teacher of year: Dr. Emmanuel Eneyo
  • School of Engineering Outstanding Researcher: Dr. Xin Chen
  • Outstanding IME alumni award: Sherri L. Koehnemann
  • IMERIT Scholarship Award of $2500:  Samantha Muir
  • Student Laureate Award of Lincoln Academy of State of Illinois (one student is chosen from all SIUE students each year):  Jessica Thompson
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship Award, 1st place with $5000 startup fund:  Chico Weber


2011 award:
  • Outstanding IME Jr. Award: Jessica Thompson
  • Outstanding IME Sr. Award: Eray Ozturk
  • Outstanding IME graduate Award: Ehsan Jahanpour
  • Outstanding IME teacher of year: Dr. Sohyung Cho
  • Outstanding IME alumni award: Kip Polly
  • Outstanding IME Student Service Award: Jared Schneider (BS), Nkere Eneyo (MS), Ike Ohu (Ph.D.)


2010 award:

  • IME outstanding Jr award: J. Schneider
  • IME outstanding Sr award: P. Cayo
  • IME outstanding graduate award: J. Hodskins
  • IME outstanding teacher award: Dr. K. Hubbard
  • SOE outstanding researcher award: Dr. S. Cho
  • Outstanding Alumni Award: Jeff Bothe
  • IME outstanding graduate service award: M. Elsayed
  • IME outstanding undergraduate service award: B. Lashmett