External research projects funded

  • DOD (Department of Defense) DMDI proposal: SIUE Digital Lab for Manufacturing, $800,000, 2014-2017 by S. Cho
  • NSF (National Science Foundation) STEP grant, “Student Teams Engaging Peers for Undergraduate Progress,” $830,000, 2013-2018, by S. C. Karacal, Z. Agustin, G. Pelekanos, R. Krauss, and R. Fries.
  • Illinois Department of Transportation and Department of Homeland Security, “East St. Louis Evacuation Traffic Study,” $108,022, 2012-2013, by R. Fries and X. Chen
  • NSF MRI: Acquisition of major components required for constructing supply chain test-bed (PI), $193,000, 2010-2011 by S. Cho, H.F. Lee, K. Hubbard, and L. Youn.
  • Intuitive Surgical 2011 Robotics Research Grant: Ergonomic analysis of robotic surgery, $47,250, 2010-2011 by S. Cho
  • SAGES 2011 Research Grant, Ergonomic analysis of robotic surgery (co-PI), $30,000, 2011-2012 by S. Cho