Manufacturing Enterprise Laboratory

What Industrial & Manufacturing Engineers Do? Design, Produce, and Deliver  Customer Desired Quality Products (parts or services) to Customers Timely at Affordable Price.


Manufacturing Processes - CAD/CAM


Demonstration of real machining using Viper Turning Center



IME Student's Project - Video



 83 Manufactured Pawn



Schematic Drawing: IME Supply-Chain System Lab



Machining Centers of IME Supply-Chain System Lab



Automated Inventory Tracking, Quality Inspection & Packing of IME Supply-Chain System Lab



CAD Models for SIUE Chess Set



SIUE-Logo Chess Set Produced from IME Supply-Chain System Lab



IME Students building NSF-funded Supply-Chain System Lab

Janson Austin
Paul Cayo
Nkere Eneyo
Donte Harris
Mona Saffarzadeh
Ike Ohu
Andy Grueninger


Manufacturing Automation  Industrial Robots

IME students learn how to program/operate various industrial robots