CIM Laboratory

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Laboratory provides students with many challenging hands-on experiences such as manufacturing design and control. It is the state-of-the-art laboratory consisting of various equipment classes including material processing class - computer numerically (CNC) controlled machine centers (mill and lathe), material handling class - industrial robots, material transportation class, conveyor system, and material inspection class, vision based system (Gigabit Ethernet Cameras). The materials are stored in AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval system). These classes are integrated by advanced programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and local area network (LAN).

The CIM Lab is also featured with a rapid prototyping machine to facilitate efficient design process and a RFID (radio frequency identification) system for automated identification and data collection (AIDC). The CIM Lab is used for several courses such as IME466 (Engineering Metrology), IME475 (CAD/CAM/CAE), IME476 (Plantwide Process Control), IME477 (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems) and IME576 (Advanced CIM).