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Meet Our Dual Diploma Students

SIUE-ITU Dual Diploma Program

SIUE-ITU Dual Diploma Program

The SIUE-ITU Dual Diploma Program, a collaborative effort between SIUE and Istanbul Technical University (ITU), offers you the opportunity to earn two bachelors of science in industrial engineering, one from each university. You can choose to extend your studies by one semester to pursue a bachelor of science in manufacturing engineering. You will spend your freshman and junior years at ITU, and study at SIUE your sophomore and senior years.

The opportunity to spend two years studying in the United States is a chance to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. In today's global economy, students who have international exposure have a significant advantage in terms of educational and life experience.

This one-of-a-kind program does more than offer you a chance to earn dual diplomas; it gives you a chance to experience a different culture and learn how things function in other countries. You will have the chance to improve everyday skills, such as language, know-how and social skills.

One year of English as a second language prepatory education is required. Students with adequate English language skills or who scored 550 or higher in TOEFL are exempt.

Eray Ozturk from Bursa graduated from the SIUE-ITU Dual Diploma Program in May 2012. He can tell you more about this program. video:

The engineering education I received through the Dual Diploma Program between ITU and SIUE was a very valuable experience. It leveraged my analytical and problem-solving skills while rewarding me with intellectual curiosity. It also made me see the importance of soft skills, and gave me the chance to work on them. The international exposure we had both in and out of the classroom is another strong aspect of the program that is very beneficial in today's world. I highly recommend this program to those who want to study Industrial Engineering.
Duygu Sagiroglu, 2011 graduate

if you want to have the most amazing memories, the best education in life, the best friends and teachers; you are at the right place. I made the best decision in my life by choosing this program 5 years ago. In this program, you will have friends from all over the world, lots of fun, a lot of experiences and a really good career when you graduate.
Aysenur Dogrul, 2012 graduate

Why Study at SIUE?

Why Study at SIUE?
SIUE's location is ideal. The 2,660-acre campus features beautiful landscapes, bike trails, canoeing, gardens and a nature preserve. You will enjoy a safe, suburban campus environment located just 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis offers cultural events, professional opportunities and convenient travel at a major international airport. Visit to learn more about the area.

General Information

You will receive a significant tuition discount while studying at SIUE. The regular tuition rate for international students is 2.5 times the in-state tuition. However, dual-diploma tuition rates are assessed at a lower level which will save your family several thousands of dollars annually. SIUE awards three scholarships to incoming sophomores. The recipients of the award will pay a special tuition rate (1.2 times the in-state tuition) while studying at SIUE. Please click here to learn more about these scholarships.

2012-2013 Academic Year Tuition Assistance Scholarship Winners:


Emre Savas
Betul Akyuz
Burak Onal


Bilgehan Kucuk
Taylan Kalkavan
Baris Eksel

**Please Contact one of our dual diploma coordinators ( Dr. Cem Karacal ( or Dr. Alp Ustundag ( if you have questions about the scholarships.

Don't take our word for it. Let Eray Ozturk, from Bursa, and Merve Doruk, from Istanbul, tell you why they love SIUE.


Good job opportunities after graduation is another reason why our program stands out from the rest of the Industrial Engineering Programs in Turkey. Here is a short list of Companies where some of our graduates work.


  • Ernst &Young, Istanbul, Transaction Advisory Services

  • Philip Morris International Turkey

  • Hewlett Packard, Turkey, Enterprise Service Operations

  • Metro Cash and Carry, Istanbul. Internal Audit and Purchasing

  • Accenture Management Consulting, Istanbul

  • HAVI Global Solutions, Downers Grove, IL, USA

  • Ford Otosan, Program Management 

  • Koskerler Celik Halat ve Makine, Gebze Turkey

  • Ford Otosan, Product Development 

  • Fintek, Ziraat Finansal Teknoloji Hizmetleri

  • Kuehne+Negel Logistics, Hazelwood, MO, USA


Some of our alumni Continue their education at the following Universities 

  • Concordia University Montreal, Canada, Operations Research

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign IL, College of Law

  • University of Miami, Miami FL, Industrial Engineering

  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Industrial Engineering

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign IL, Technology Management

  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Psychology

  • Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, Industrial Administration

  • King's College, London, Engineering Management



Cost of Study at SIUE

Cost of Study at SIUE

SIUE values the partnership we built with Istanbul technical University through the Dual Diploma Program in Industrial Engineering. As a result, the Board of Trustees at Southern Illinois University approved a reduced special tuition rate for the Dual Diploma students. SIUE applies 2.5 times the in-state tuition rate to all out-of-state and international students. However, the Dual Diploma students pay a reduced tuition rate of 1.8 times the in-state rate as part of the memorandum of understanding signed with Istanbul Technical University, resulting in significant savings in terms of cost of study at SIUE.

The following table summarizes the per semester cost of study for 2nd and 4th year for those Dual Diploma students starting their freshman year at Istanbul technical University in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Academic Year. The prospective students considering our program should use this table as a reference information for the following years. Therefore, the table should be taken as the APPROXIMATE cost of study for those students who are interested in the program. The exact cost of study at SIUE will depend on the Board of Trustees approved tuition and Fee rates when a dual diploma student starts his/her freshman year at ITU.

Dual Diploma Students Newly Entering to SIUE in Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Academic Year
SIUE Tuition and Fees, Per Semester
Enrolled Hours Tuition1 Fees2 Total
Dual Diploma Sophomore Fall 2015 Semester 16 $7,356 $2,228 $9,584
Dual Diploma Sophomore Spring 2016 Semester 18 $8,276 $2,359 $10,635
Dual Diploma Senior Fall 2015 Semester 18 $8,966 $2,314 $11,280
Dual Diploma Senior Spring 2016 Semester 18 $8,966 $2,314 $11,280

1Newly entering Fall 2015 Dual Diploma students are charged hourly tuition of $459.75. As declared Engineering majors tuition differential is charged to Dual Diploma students during their senior year bringing their hourly tuition rate to $498.10.
2Student fees reflected above are effective for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters, Sophomore year for ITU students newly entering in Fall 2015. Upon return in Fall 2017-Spring 2018, Senior year for ITU students, fees may be increased but those rates have not yet been established by the SIUE Board of Trustees.

Below Table summarizes the specifics mandatory Fees paid by all SIUE students.

SIUE Mandatory Fees, Per Semester
Enrolled Hours Athletic Textbook Rental University Center Student-to-Student Grant Stu. Welfare & Activity Student Fitness Information Technology Stu. Success Center Facilities Health Insurance Total Fees
Sophomore Fall 2015 Semester 16 $182 $261 $172 $6 $118 $87 $118 $73 $321 $890 $2,228
Sophomore Spring 2016 Semester 18 $182 $310 $172 $6 $118 $87 $140 $73 $381 $890 $2,359
Senior Fall 2015 Semester 18 $182 $293 $172 $6 $118 $87 $118 $73 $361 $890 $2,314
Senior Spring 2016 Semester 18 $182 $293 $172 $6 $118 $87 $118 $73 $361 $890 $2,314

Please Note that SIUE tries to reduce the cost of education by implementing textbook rental policy that saves our students about $1,000 in each academic year.

The US Federal Government requires that all international students studying in the USA must purchase a health insurance policy that covers the cost emergency care and hospitalization. Each SIUE student have free access to University Health clinic located in the Student Success Center.

Senior Assignment Project

Senior Assignment Project

Another great advantage of SIUE is the nationally recognized senior assignment project. The Senior Assignment is the culminating undergraduate experience designed by faculty in each department to integrate general education capabilities along with competencies of the major area of study.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities has heralded SIUE's Senior Assignment Program as a national model in the effectiveness of academic programs offered. U.S.News & World Report has listed SIUE in the senior capstone experience category, among such universities as Yale, Harvard, MIT and Princeton, for its comprehensive program measuring the competency of graduating seniors.

Hear more about the Senior Assignment Project:





Freshman Year - ITU
Course names and numbers in parentheses are the SIUE equivalents
Fall Cr   Spring Cr
BIL 101E | Intro to Info. Process. Sys. (IE 335) 3   BIL 106E | Intro to Comp. for Engrs. (CS 145)1 3
MTH 103 | Calculus I (MATH 150) 5   CHE 101 | Engr. Chemistry I (CHEM 131) 4
MTH 111 | Linear Algebra I (MATH 321) 3   CHE 101L | Engr Chemistry I Lab (CHEM 135) 1
PHY 103 | Univ. Physics I (PHYS 151) 4   MTH 104 | Calculus II (MATH 152) 3
PHY 103L | Univ. Physics I Lab (PHYS 151L)3 1   PHY 104 | Univ. Physics II (PHYS 152) 4
SEN 101 | Engr. Problem Solving (IE 106) 3   PHY 104L | Univ. Physics II Lab (PHYS 152L) 1
Total 19   Total 16
Sophomore Year - SIUE
Course names and numbers in parentheses are the ITU equivalents
Fall Cr   Spring Cr
CE 204 | Engineering Graphics and CAD1 3   ACS 103 | Interpersonal Comm. Skills 3
CE 240 | Statistics1 3   CE 242 | Mechanics of Solids1 3
ECON 111 | Principles of Macroeconomics 3   ECE 210 | Circuit Analysis I1 3
ENG 101N | Eng. Comp I Non Native Speakers 3   ENG 102N | Eng. Comp II Non Native Speakers 3
MATH 250 | Calculus III 4   MATH 305 | Differential Equations 3
Total 16   Total 18
Junior Year - ITU
Course names and numbers in parentheses are the SIUE equivalents
Fall Cr   Spring Cr
SEN 301 | OR I (IE 415) 3   SEN 302 | OR II 3
SEN 303 | Ergonomics (IE 458) 3   SEN 304 | Work Analysis vs Design (IE 451) 3
SEN 305 | Engineering Economics (IE 345) 3   SEN 310 | Simulation(IE 468) 3
SEN 315 | Manuf Processes (IE 370) 3   SEN 312 | Material Mgmt (IE 470) 3
MTH 113 | Probability (STAT 107) 3   SEN 318 | Stat Methods for Eng (STAT 380) 3
SEN | two of the following 2 credit courses: SEN 319 Mgmt and Org, 321 Just-in-time Prod, 323 Supply Chain Mgmt, and 325 Business Law 4   SEN 311 or 313 | Design of Expmt or Multi Criteria Dec Making (IE elective) 3
Total 19   Total 18
Senior Year - SIUE
Course names and numbers in parentheses are the ITU equivalents
Fall Cr   Spring Cr
IE 375 | 3-D Modeling in Production Design 3   IE 465 | Design & Control of Quality Syst. 3
IE 476 | Plantwide Process Control 3   IE 490 | Integrated Engineering Design 3
IE 483 | Production Planning & Control2 3   IE XXX | IE Elective II4 3
IE 484 | Facilities Planning 3   EH XXX | Health Experience 3
IE XXX | IE Elective I4 3   IS 3XX | Interdisciplinary Studies 3
BFPA XXX | Fine & Performing Arts - Breadth 3   PHIL 323 | Engr., Ethics, & Professionalism 3
Total 18   Total 18

NOTES: 1At SIUE, a GPA of 2.0 or better is required in CS 145, CE 204, CE 240, CE 242, ECE 210, and ME 262 (both original and repeat grades are computed in the GPA). 2At SIUE, a grade of C or higher is required in IE 345, IE 468, and IE 483. 3At SIUE, a grade of C or higher is required in PHYS 151/151L. 4IE Electives - students may choose to take one IE Elective in Fall (Senior Year), and one in Spring (Senior Year). Undergraduate students may enroll in a maximum of 19 hours in fall and spring semesters or 12 hours in summer term. Students may be allowed by the dean (or designee) or director of their academic unit to exceed the maximum enrollment. Students requesting an overload in excess of 19 hours in fall and spring semesters or 12 hours in summer term should have a 3.25 (A = 4.0) grade-point average or above for the preceding term. Students on academic probation may not take more than 12 hours without approval of the advisor. The probation and suspension rules will be applied while attending each institution. SIUE does not accept grades below C (CC at ITU; DC is not equivalent to C) as transfer credit for math, science, and engineering courses. The academic advisor and program coordinator approval are required for all course substitutions, program study deviations, and waivers.

Program Electives

Program Electives
IE Electives at ITU

  • Multiple Criteria Decision Making SEN 313
  • Just in Time Production Systems SEN 323
  • Supply Chain Management SEN325
  • Business Law SEN 321
IE Electives at SIUE
  • Biomechanics IE 401
  • Knowledge-Based Systems IE 427
  • Managing Engineering & Technology IE 430
  • Financial Engineering IE 445
  • Reliability Engineering IE 463
  • Total Quality and Taguchi Methods IE 467
  • Engineering Metrology IE 466
  • CAD, CAM, CAE IE 475
  • CAM & Robotics IE 477
  • Tool Engineering IE 480
  • Manufacturing Engineering Design IE 482
  • Lean Manufacturing IE 488
  • Special Topic courses (Industrial Robotics, Six Sigma Quality, Project Management, Numerical Control and Analog Device Programming) IE 492

Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities

  • Students who complete their BS degrees with high GPA's may pursue a master degree in Industrial Engineering through SIUE.
  • Co-op and summer internship opportunities are available through SIUE for academically successful students.
  • Qualified students can find project experience and work through the Southwest Illinois Advanced Manufacturing (SIAM) Center.

Dual Diploma Scholarship Winners

Academic Year 2015-16 Dual Diploma Scholarship Winners


  • Irem Ceylin Kose
  • Deniz Yazgan
  • Orhun Ozbal
  • Berilay Aker


  • Begum Deniz
  • Deniz Sahin
  • Deniz Ersan
  • Efe Akbulut

Tuition Award Application

Click here to view or here to download.