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English Composition Pilot Assessment Project
English Composition Pilot Assessment Project
English Composition Pilot Assessment Project

As an expression of the University's commitment to student learning and educational excellence, SIUE has joined the Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP), an accreditation program of the North Central Association's Higher Learning Commission in which online portfolios document the achievement of the project's goals. The Pilot Assessment Project website is the Department of English's contribution to SIUE's institutional online AQIP portfolio.

The first goal of SIUE's implementation of AQIP is to "develop comprehensive measures of student learning" in order to further program improvement, a goal which overlaps precisely that of the Pilot Assessment Project, which seeks to refine, and to document the refinement of, the English Composition Program's assessment practices. This site will serve additional audiences as well, including faculty, current and prospective students, and the community. For additional information about the Project, please see About the Pilot Assessment Project; additionally, Assessment and English Composition provides a brief overview of recent assessment efforts in the Composition Program and the Department's expectations for the revised assessment procedures.

The English Composition Program's Mission Statement provides a succinct overview of the program's guiding principle, one explored in further detail in two documents: the statement of Program Assumptions, which serves as the point of departure for the Department's ongoing reassessment of the purpose and function of English Composition; and the Desired Outcomes statement, which identifies those characteristics of student writing the Composition Program seeks to develop and promote.
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Specific information about the English Composition Program may be found in a number of online documents, links to which are collected on the Composition Courses @ SIUE page, which serves as a portal to information on all aspects of the writing program within the Department of English as well as Instructional Services. From academic development courses to all levels of undergraduate writing instruction to a Master's program in the Teaching of Writing, the English Composition Program and the Department of English are committed to developing an institutional culture of writing and related skills that will serve our students not only in college and in their careers, but in a lifetime of learning.

The heart of this website, which serves to document faculty engagement with and student achievement of the Program's goals and objectives, consists of a number of Course and Student Portfolios.

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