The Department of English at SIUE offers a large number of writing-related courses, ranging from first-year composition courses to graduate seminars in the pedagogy and theory of writing instruction. The Deparment offers both a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing as well as a Master of Arts with a Teaching of Writing specialization; undergraduate courses in intermediate and advanced composition, technical writing, and creative writing round out the Department's writing-specific offerings. Academic Development courses for students needing additional preparation for introductory writing are offered by the Department of Instructional Services, which also staffs and maintains the University's Writing Center.

Currently the Pilot Assessment Project is focusing its efforts on the Department's first-year composition courses, ENG 101 and ENG 102, with many of these materials still in development. For more information on the Department's other course offerings, please consult the English Department Course Catalog.

ENG 101 & ENG 102

The links below provide additional information about first-year-level writing at SIUE.

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The ENG 101 & 102 course descriptions are the brief catalog entries for these courses, while the ENG 101 & 102 Student Handbook provides students in these courses a comprehensive overview of the course requirements, grading standards, and policies. The ENG 101 and 102 Faculty Manual serves composition instructors by providing a detailed overview of the Composition Program and its expectations for students in first-year composition. More information on the grading standards for ENG 101 & 102 may be found at the Grading Rubrics page.

Created by the Pilot Assessment Project Committee, the ENG 101 Goals & Objectives and ENG 102 Goals & Objectives statements provide a comprehensive overview of the Department's expectations for its Composition Program and the students in that program. These documents also link these goals and their related composition objectives to the College of Arts and Science's "Desired Characteristics and Capabilities of Graduates," establishing for faculty, students, administrators, accreditation reviewers, and the university community how the Composition Program furthers the declared goals and misison of the College of Arts and Sciences and of SIUE. The ENG 101 Extended Course Description and the ENG 102 Extended Course Description provide a more detailed sense of the faculty's expectations and their pedagogical options, while the Instructional Sequence Branch Chart for ENG 101 provides, in flow-chart form, an instructional model for use by SIUE composition faculty.

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