about the English Comp Pilot Assessment Program

The English Composition Pilot Assessment Project sprang from a need to reflect upon the goals of the writing program, to establish clear guidelines for those teaching its curriculum, and to develop an online program portfolio with five distinct goals:

to clarify and explain the mission, goals, content and evaluation procedures of the first-year expository writing curriculum to current and prospective SIUE students
to describe the first-year expository writing curriculum and offer curricular guidelines for the range of faculty teaching English 101 and 102:
new teaching assistants and new lecturers who may also be teaching for the first time or come from other programs with different curricula and goals
experienced faculty already possessing a valuable mix of pedagogical objectives and teaching philosophies
to refocus the purpose and means of assessing the teaching of expository writing in our department and across the SIUE campus
to provide a transparent means for comparing the SIUE expository writing program to benchmarks set by
to reflect our program's focus on students, on their understanding of expository writing process, and on their knowledge of the results they can expect to see in their writing after taking their first-year writing classes