Can This Alliance Be Saved?    The Future of U.S. - ROK Relations by David M. Lenard (English)

"A Personal Note on Scholarship" by Sheila Ruth (English)

"Democratic Evolution in the Age of the Internet" by Yuki Ishikawa (English)

"Pleasure and the Hermeneutics of Drunkeness" by Thomas Lavallee (English)

"Generation X: Americans and Koreans Evaluate the Importance of Education and Occupation" by Gregory Turner, Mark Mitchell, Barbara Hastings, Sheila Mitchell (English)

"La Donna-Madre: Figura Utopica (Anti) Fascista" by Patrizia Bittini (Italian)

"Some Thoughts on Gustav Mahler’s Fourth Symphony" by Ping-wen Hou (English)

"Pokemon Break Ground For Japan" by Akira Ishikawa (English)

"The IMF Bailout in Korea: A Socialist Poison" by Bong Joon Yoon (English)

"Captain Shigemoto’s Mother, The Prescription of Decadence" by R. E. Spencer (English)

"Can Japan Say No?"  by Akira Ishikawa (English)

"Korea and Koreans in Korean language textbooks in New Times" by Dong Bae Lee (English)