CAS Colloquia 2010 - Abstracts
The 2007 CAS Colloquium is focused on 'Thinking About Evolution'.


Butler, Lakesha; et al - The Evolution of the Role of the Pharmacists in Health Care

Donald, Ralph - Don’t Do That, You Twit! Or, Darwin’s Explanation Why Horror Films Never Run Short of Victims

Esselman, E.; et al - ISSR marker diversity in S. hallii (Cyperaceae) populations of Illinois

Esselman, E.; et al - Closing the Evolutionary Gap: measuring genetic diversity and habitat resilience in support of plant conservation and preservation

Flaherty, Anne - The Evolution of Minority Groups in US Politics

Glassman, Jack; Mentzer, Robert - The laser as an evolutionary system

Holt, Julie - Cultural Evolution at Cahokia

Kreuger, Larry - The Evolution of the Helping Professions Toward ‘Fast Practice’

Lavallee, Tom; et al - Creation Myths from China: Sources, Stories and Representations

Littmann, Greg - Darwin’s Horrid Doubt

Liu, Min; et al - Crisis and Emergency Preparedness on University Campuses, Looking Back and Looking Forward

Lutz, Nancy - Alfred Russel Wallace and Indonesia

Lynch, J. Christopher - The Evolution of Diabetes: Application of the Conservancy Gene Theory

O'Brien, Gerald - Darwin, Evolutionary Theory and Eugenic Control

Pearson, Christopher; et al - Panel on Evolution and Humans

Petrocelli, Matthew - The Evolution and Circumlocution of American Policing

Rigdon, Steven; et al - Genetic Algorithms

Romero, Aldemaro - Down House: The Evolution of Darwin’s Home

Odemerho, Francis; Schaefer, Ron - On the Historical Evolution of the Benin Kingdom

  Schulz, Kurt - Genetics, Invasion, and the Evolution of a Superweed

Simms, Douglas - The Evolving World of Academic Publishing

Spagnolo, S.; et al - The floristic quality index (FQI) as a tool to examine the regenerative capabilities of a previously disturbed field in Illinois

Springer, Carl - The Evolution of Evolution

Esselman, E.; Stapay, T. - Examination of hybridization relationships between Schoenoplectus hallii and S. saximontanus (Cyperaceae) using ISSR markers

Manuel, Jeff; Theising, Andrew - The Evolving Urban Landscape: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Metro East

Vailati, Ezio - Notes on the Evolution of Morality

Vogrin, Valerie; et al - Evolution, Literarily

Wicks, John C. - Memoria de mis putas tristes

Yeager, Chuck - Watershed Nature Center: The Evolution of a Modern Landscape

Zhou, Bin - The Evolution of Confucianism