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Faculty Research Areas

  Research Area Faculty interested
1 Botany Barry, Esselman, Luesse, Minchin, Retzlaff, Schulz
2 Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Axtell, Brugam, Brunkow, Duvernell, Esselman, Essner, Fowler, Jennings, Kohn, Lin, Minchin, Retzlaff, Schulz, Theodorakis, Williams
3 Genetics Duvernell, Esselman, Fowler, Hubert, Theodorakis
4 Anatomy and Physiology Essner, Jennings, Kohn, Krajniak, Luesse, Williams
5 Microbiology Fowler, Kitz, McCracken, Wanda
6 Zoology Axtell, Brunkow, Jennings, Essner, Williams
7 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Duvernell, Fowler, Hubert, Jennings, Liebl, Luesse, McCracken, Theodorakis, Wanda, Williams
8 Collaboration with Environmental Science Program Barry, Brugam, Brunkow, Essner, Kohn, Lin, Minchin, Retzlaff, Schulz, Theodorakis
9 Cell Biology Fowler, Hubert, Liebl, Luesse, Schober, Wanda
10 Science Education Abusharbain, Barry

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