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Recent Publications:  Jake Williams, Ph.D.

Williams J.B. and Lee R.E. (2011) Effect of freezing and dehydration on ion and cryoprotectant distribution and hemolymph volume in the goldenrod gall fly, Eurosta solidaginis. Journal of Insect Physiology 57, 1163-1169.

+Vance T.J., Williams J.B., Roberts S.P. and Elekonich M.M. (2009) The effects of age and behavioral development on the flight performance of honey bees (Apis mellifera). Journal of Experimental Biology 212, 2604-2611.

Williams J. B., Roberts S.P. and Elekonich M.M. (2009) Heat shock proteins and their role in generating, maintaining and even preventing alternative insect phenotypes. In: Ananthakrishnan, T.N. and Whitman D. (Eds.). Insect Phenotypic Plasticity. Science Publishers Inc., Enfeld New Hampshire.

Williams J.B., Roberts S.P. and Elekonich M.M. (2008) Age and natural metabolically-intensive behavior affect oxidative stress and antioxidant mechanisms. Experimental Gerontology 43, 538-549.

Williams J.B. and Lee R.E. (2008) Differences in cold tolerance, desiccation resistance, and cryoprotectant production between three populations of Eurosta solidaginis collected from different latitudes. Journal of Comparative Physiology B. 278, 365-375.

Williams J.B. and Lee R.E. (2005) Plant senescence cues entry into diapause in the gall fly, Eurosta solidaginis: resulting metabolic depression is critical for water conservation. Journal of Experimental Biology. 208, 4437-4444.

Williams J.B., ++Ruehl N.C. and Lee R.E. (2004) Partial link between seasonal acquisition of cold tolerance and desiccation resistance in the goldenrod gall fly Eurosta solidaginis. Journal of Experimental Biology 207, 4407-4414.

Williams J.B., Shorthouse J.D. and Lee R.E. (2003) Deleterious effects of mild simulated overwintering temperatures on survival and potential fecundity of rose-galling Diplolepis wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae). Journal of Experimental Zoology 298A, 23-31.

Williams J.B., Shorthouse J.D. and Lee R.E. (2002) Extreme resistance to desiccation and microclimate-related differences in cold-hardiness of gall wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) overwintering on roses in southern Canada. Journal of Experimental Biology 205, 2115-2124.

Larsen K.J. and Williams J.B. (1999) Influence of fire and trapping effort on ground beetles in a reconstructed tallgrass prairie. Prairie Naturalist 31, 75-86.

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