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Recent Publications:  Kurt Schulz, Ph.D.

Schulz, K., J. Wright*, and S. Ashbaker*. 2012. Comparison of invasive shrub honeysuckle eradication tactics for amateurs: stump treatment versus regrowth spraying of Lonicera maackii. Restoration Ecology 20(6): 788-793.

Schulz, K.E., A. Vaughan**, and Emilie Remelius**. 2009. Physiologically based control of invasive Asiatic shrub honeysuckle. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 102:21-32.

Schulz, K., J. Zasada, E. Nauertz. 2004. Annual, local, and individual variation in the inflorescence and fruit production of eastern leatherwood (Dirca palustris L. Thymelaeaceae). Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 131(4): 292-304.
Buckley, David S., Thomas R. Crow, Elizabeth A. Nauertz, and Kurt E. Schulz.  2003.  Influence of skid trails and haul roads on understory plant richness and composition in managed forest landscapes in Upper Michigan, USA.  Forest Ecology and Management 175: 509-520.
Schulz, K., and C. Thelen*.  2000.  Impact and control of Vinca minor in an Illinois forest preserve (USA).  Natural Areas Journal 20: 189-196.
*Graduate Students at SIUE
**Undergraduate Students at SIUE

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