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Recent Publications:  Darron R. Luesse, Ph.D.

Luesse, DR, Schenck++, CA, Berner**, BK, Justus+, B, Wyatt, SE (2010) GPS4 is allelic to ARL2: Implications for gravitropic signal transduction. Gravitational and Space Biology 23: 95-96.

Luesse, DR, DeBlasio, SL, Hangarter RP (2010) Integration of phot1, phot2, and PhyB signalling in light-induced chloroplast movements. Journal of Experimental Botany. 61: 4387-4397.

Luesse, D. R., DeBlasio, S. L., and Hangarter, R. P. (2006) Plastid Movement Impaired 2 (PMI2), a new gene required for normal blue-light-induced chloroplast movements in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiology, 141: 1328-1337.

DeBlasio, S. L., Luesse, D. R., and Hangarter, R. P. (2005) A plant-specific protein essential for blue-light-induced chloroplast movements. Plant Physiology, 139: 101-114.

DeBlasio, S. L., Mullen, J. L., Luesse, D. R., and Hangarter, R. P. (2003) Phytochrome modulation of blue light-induced chloroplast movements in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology, 133: 1471-1479.

Stowe-Evans, E. L., Luesse, D. R., and Liscum, E. (2001) The enhancement of phototropin-induced phototropic curvature in Arabidopsis occurs via a photoreversible phytochrome A-dependent modulation of auxin responsiveness. Plant Physiology, 126: 826-834.

Harper, R. M., Stowe-Evans, E. L., Luesse, D. R., Muto, H., Tatematsu, K., Watahiki, M. K., Yamamoto, K., and Liscum, E. (2000) The NPH4 locus encodes the auxin response factor ARF7, a conditional regulator of differential growth in aerial Arabidopsis tissue. Plant Cell, 12: 757-770.

**Undergraduate Students at SIUE
+Graduate Students at other universities
Undergraduate Students at other universities

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