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Recent Publications:  Tom Fowler, Ph.D.

Raudaskoski, M. Kothe, E., Fowler, T. J., Jung, E., Horton, J. S.  Ras and Rho small G proteins: Insights from the Schizophyllum commune genome sequence and comparisons to other fungi.  2012. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews 28: 61-100.

Ohm, R. A., de Jong J.F., Lugones,L.G., Aerts, A., Kothe, E., Stajich, J.E., de Vries, R.P., Record, E., Levasseur, A., Baker, S.E., Bartholomew, K.E., Coutinho, P.M., Erdmann, S.,  Fowler, T.J., Gathman, A.C., Lombard, V., Henrissat, B., Knabe, N., Kües, U., Lilly, W.W., Lindquist, E., Lucas, S., Magnuson, J.K., Piumi, F., Raudaskoski, M., Salamov, A., Schmutz, J., Schwarze, F.W.M.R, vanKuyk, P.A., Horton, J.S., Gregoriev, I., and H.A.B Wösten.  2010. Genome sequence of the model mushroom Schizophyllum commune.  Nature Biotechnology 28:957-63.

Fowler, T.J.  A carboxy-subterminal aromatic residue in Schizophyllum commune mating pheromones controls specific recognition by Bar4 receptor. 2010. Fungal Genetics Reports 57: 4-6.

Fowler, T.J. and Vaillancourt, L.J.  Pheromones and Pheromone Receptors in Schizophyllum commune Mate Recognition:  Retrospective of a Half-Century of Progress and a Look Ahead, pp. 301-316, In Sex in Fungi:  Molecular Determination and Evolutionary Implications, J. Heitman, J.W. Kronstad, J.W. Taylor, and L.A. Casselton, eds., ASM Press, Washington, D.C. 2007.

Fowler, T.J., Mitton, M.F., Rees, E.I. and C.A. Raper. Crossing the boundary between the Ba and Bb mating-type loci in Schizophyllum commune. 2004. Fungal Genet. and Biol. 41:89-101.

Raper, C. and Fowler, T.,  Why study Schizophyllum?  Fungal Genet. Newsl. 2004.  51: 30-36.

Raper, C. and Fowler, T.,  Schizophyllum bibliography.  2004.  Fungal Genet. Newsl. 51: 37-66.

Fowler, T.J., Mitton, M.F., Vaillancourt, L.J., and C.A. Raper.  Changes in mate recognition through alterations of pheromones and receptors in the multisexual mushroom-bearing fungus Schizophyllum commune.  2001.  Genetics 158: 1491-1503.

Fowler, T.J., and M.F. Mitton. Scooter, a new active transposon in Schizophyllum commune, has disrupted two genes regulating signal transduction.  2000. Genetics 156: 1585-1594.

Fowler, T.J., DeSimone, S.M., Mitton, M.F., Kurjan, J., and C.A. Raper. Multiple sex pheromones and receptors of a mushroom-producing fungus elicit mating in yeast.  1999. Mol. Biol. Cell 10: 2559-2572.

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