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Recent Publications:  Rick Essner, Ph.D.

*Wood, T. J., Essner, R. L., and P. R. Minchin. 2013. Effects of prescribed burning on grassland avifauna at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal 3: 19-38.
Essner, R. L., Jr., Z. R. *French, L. M. *Richter, and P. R. Minchin. 2012. Bohm Woods and the SIUE Nature Preserve: Valuable Conservation Assets for Southwestern Illinois. Meadowlark 21: 2-5.

Essner, R. L., Jr., M.E. +Jorgensen, C.E. Corbin, J.H. Robins, D.J. Suffian, and N. A. +Todt. 2012. A Technique for Field Maintenance and Transport of Cold-water Amphibians. Herpetological Review 43(2):247-249.

Essner, R. L., Jr., D. J. *Suffian, P. J. Bishop, and S. M. Reilly.  2010.  Landing in basal frogs:  Evidence of saltational patterns in the evolution of anuran locomotion.  Naturwissenschaften 97(10):935-939.

Essner, R. L., Jr.  and D. J. *Suffian. 2010.  Captive husbandry in the Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog, Ascaphus montanus. Herpetological Review 41(2):181-184.

*Richter, L., R. L. Essner, Jr., and P. R. Minchin.  2010.  A survey of bluff forest avifauna in Southwestern Illinois.  Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science  103:39-48.

Essner, Jr.  R. L., P. E. Brunkow, R. *Patel, D. L. *Huff, and J. H. Robins. 2008. Geographic Distribution. Notopthalmus viridescens louisianensis. Herpetological Review 39(2):232.

Essner, Jr. R. L., and R. W. Axtell. 2008. Geographic Distribution. Diadophis punctatus. Herpetological Review 39(2):240.

Essner, R. L., Jr.  2007.  Morphology, locomotor behaviour and habitat use in North American squirrels.  Journal of Zoology, 272(1):101-109.

Essner, R. L., Jr.  2002.  Three-dimensional launch kinematics in leaping, parachuting, and gliding squirrels.  Journal of Experimental Biology, 205(16):2469-2477.

Essner, R. L., Jr., and J. S. Scheibe. 2000.  A comparison of scapular shape in flying squirrels (Rodentia:  Sciuridae) using relative warp analysis.  In Biology of Gliding Mammals (eds. R. Goldingay and J. Scheibe), pp. 213-228. Fürth, Germany:  Filander Verlag.

Scheibe, J. S., and R. L. Essner, Jr.  2000.  Pelvic shape in gliding rodents:  Implications for the launch.  In Biology of Gliding Mammals (eds. R. Goldingay and J. Scheibe),  pp. 167-184. Fürth, Germany:  Filander Verlag.

Essner, R. L., Jr., A. J. Hendershott. 1996.  County records for reptiles and amphibians in Missouri found in the Vertebrate Museum at Southeast Missouri State University.  Herpetological Review, 27(4):218.

*Graduate Students at SIUE
+Graduate Students at other universities  

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