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Recent Publications:  Elizabeth Esselman, Ph.D.

Esselman, E.J., T.A. Enders, M. Smith, and P.M. McKenzie. 2012.  Examination of hybridization relationships between Schoenoplectus hallii and S. saximontanus (Cyperaceae) using ISSR markers. Phytoneuron 36: 1-9.

Oberle, Brad, Robert A. Montgomery, James B. Beck and Elizabeth J. Esselman. 2011.  A morphologically intergrading population facilitates local chloroplast introgression from diploid to tetraploid Dodecatheon (Primulaceae). Accepted by the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. July 2011.

Oberle, Brad and Elizabeth J. Esselman. 2011. New characters help distinguish southern Illinois Dodecatheon (Primulaceae) species and highlight unusual intergrading populations. Rhodora. In press.

Beaton, Laura, P. Van Zandt, E. Esselman and T. Knight. 2011. Comparison of the herbivore defense and competitive ability of ancestral and modern genotypes of an invasive plant, Lespedeza cuneata. Oikos. In press.

*Rogenski, Christina E. Esselman and M. Smith. 2009. ISSR Marker Diversity of Astragalus crassicarpus var. trichocalyx in Illinois and Missouri Populations. Transactions of the Illinois Academy of Science 102(3&4): 149-159.

Esselman, E. J. 1999 . Clonal diversity in the rare Calamagrostis porteri ssp. insperata (Poaceae): comparative results for allozymes, RAPD and ISSR markers. Molecular Ecology 8: 443-451.
Seung-Chul, K., D. J. Crawford, M. Tadesse, M. Berbee, R. R. Ganders, M. Pirseyedi, and E. J. Esselman.  1999.  ITS Sequences and Phylogenetic Relationships in Bidens and Coreopsis (Asteraceae).  Systematic Botany 24(3): 480-493.
Esselman, E. J.  1999.  Clonal diversity in the rare Calamegrostis porteri spp. insperata (Poaceae) comparative results for allozymes RAPD and ISSR markers.  Molecular Ecology 8: 443-445.

*Graduate Students at SIUE


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