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Recent Publications:  David Duvernell, Ph.D.

Schaefer, J. F., Duvernell, D. D., Kreiser, B. R., Champagne, C., Clark, S. R., Gutierrez, M., Stewart, L. K. & Coleman, C. 2012 Evolution of a sexually dimorphic trait in a broadly distributed topminnow (Fundulus olivaceus). Ecology and Evolution, 2:13711381.

Schaefer, J., D.D. Duvernell and B. Kreiser. 2011. Shape variability in topminnows (Fundulus notatus species complex) along the river continuum. Biological Journal of The Linnean Society, 103:612-621.

Alldredge, P.*, Gutierrez, M., Duvernell, D., Schaefer, J., Brunkow, P. & Matamoros, W. 2011 Variability in movement dynamics of topminnow (Fundulus notatus and F. olivaceus) populations. Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 20:513521.

Schaefer, J. F., Duvernell, D. D. & Kreiser, B. R. 2011 Ecological and genetic assessment of spatial structure among replicate contact zones between two topminnow species. Evolutionary Ecology, 24:11451161.

Schaefer, J., B. K. Kreiser, C. Champagne, P. M. Mickle and D. D. Duvernell. 2009. Patterns of co-existence and hybridization among two topminnows (Fundulus euryzonus and F. olivaceus) in a riverine contact zone. Ecology of Freshwater Fishes, 18:360-368

Turner, B.J., D.D. Duvernell, T.M. Bunt and M.L. Barton. 2008. Reproductive isolation among endemic pupfishes (Cyprinodon) on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: microsatellite evidence. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 95: 566-582.

Duvernell, D.D., J.B. Lindmeier*, K.E. Faust and A. Whitehead. 2008. Relative influences of historical and contemporary forces shaping the distribution of genetic variation in the Atlantic killifish Fundulus heteroclitus. Molecular Ecology, 17:1344-1360.

Vigueira, P., J.F. Schaefer, D.D. Duvernell and B.R. Kreiser. 2008. Tests of reproductive isolation among species in the Fundulus notatus (Cyprinodontiformes: Fundulidae) species complex. Evolutionary Ecology, 22: 55-70.

Ichiyanagi, K, H. Nishihara, D.D. Duvernell and N. Okada. 2007. Acquisition of endonuclease specificity during evolution of L1 retrotransposon. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 24:2009-2015.

Duvernell, D.D., J.F. Schaefer, D. Hancks**, J. Fonoti**, and A.M Ravanelli**. 2007. Hybridization and introgression among syntopic populations of the topminnows Fundulus notatus and F. olivaceus. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20:152-164.

Adams, S.M.*, J.B. Lindmeier* and D.D. Duvernell. 2006. Microsatellite Analysis of the Phylogeography, Pleistocene History and Secondary Contact Hypotheses for the Killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus. Molecular Ecology, 15:1109-1124.

Adams, S.M.*, M.F. Oleksiak and D.D. Duvernell. 2005. A Set of Microsatellite Primers for the Atlantic Coastal Killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus, with applicability to related Fundulus species. Molecular Ecology Notes. 5, 275-277.

Duvernell, D.D., S.R. Pryor* and S.M. Adams**. 2004. Teleost fish genomes contain a diverse array of L1 retrotransposon lineages that exhibit a low copy number and high rate of turnover. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 59:298-308.

Furano, A.V., D.D. Duvernell and S. Boissinot. 2004. L1 (LINE-1) retrotransposon diversity differs dramatically between mammals and fish. Trends in Genetics, 20(1):9-14.
Sezgin, E., D.D. Duvernell, L.M. Matzkin, Y. Duan, C.-T. Zhu, B.C. Verrelli and W.F. Eanes. 2004. Single locus latitudinal clines in metabolic genes, derived alleles, and their relationship to temperate adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics, 168(2):923-931.
Duvernell, D.D., P.S. Schmidt and W.F. Eanes. 2003. Adaptive evolution of Methuselah: A G protein-coupled receptor associated with aging and senescence in Drosophila. Molecular Ecology, 12:1277-1285. (Invited submission, special issue)
Schmidt, P.S., D.D. Duvernell and W.F. Eanes. 2000. Adaptive evolution of a candidate gene for aging in Drosophila. PNAS. 97(20):10861-10865.
Duvernell, D.D. and W.F. Eanes. 2000. Contrasting molecular population genetics of four hexokinases in Drosophila melanogaster, Drosophila simulans, and Drosophila yakuba. Genetics, 156:1191-1201.
*Graduate Students at SIUE
**Undergraduate Students at SIUE

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