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Recent Publications:  Richard B. Brugam, Ph.D.  

Brugam RB, Ketterer M, Maines* L, Lin Z-Q, Retzlaff WA (2012) Application of a Simple Binary Mixing Model to the Reconstruction of Lead Pollution Sources in two Mississippi River Floodplain Lakes, Journal of Paleolimnology, 47, 101-112.

Kilburn P, Brugam RB (2010) How natural is nature?: the effect of burning on the pre-settlement vegetation of West Central Illinois, Confluence, Spring/Summer, 42-55.

Kilburn P, Tutterow** B, Richard Brugam (2009) The tree species compositions and history of barrens identified by government land surveyors in southwestern Illinois, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Society, 136:272-283.

S. Keller*, T. Zhang, S. Webb, R. Brugam, K.Johnson, Z-Q. Lin (2008) Effects of suburban land use on phosphorous fractions and speciation in the upper Peruque creek, eastern Missouri, Water Environment Research, 84(43-16-323).

Brugam, R.B., Crenshaw*, M.C., Giese, L.A.B. (2007) Historical development of the cypress/tupelo swamp at Horseshoe Lake, Alexander County, Illinois USA, Wetlands, 27(2)305-318.

Vermillion B*, Brugam, R, Retzlaff, W, Bala*, I (2005). The sedimentary record of environmental lead contamination at St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. area smelters., Journal of Paleolimnology, 33, 189-203.

Brugam, R., Owen*, B, Kolesa*, L (2004) Continental-Scale Climatic Forcing Factors and Environmental Change at Glimmerglass Lake, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Holocene, 14(807)817.
Brugam, R. B., and P. Swain.  2000. Diatom Indicators of Peatland Development at Pogonia Bog Pond, Minnesota.  Holocene 10(4): 453-464.
Brugam, R. B., K. McKeever*, and L. Kolesa*.  1998. A diatom-inferred water depth reconstruction for an Upper Peninsula Michigan lake.  Journal of Paleolimnology 20: 267-276.
*Graduate Students at SIUE
**Undergraduate Students at SIUE 

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