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Recent Publications:  Kelly Barry, Ph.D.  


Drake*, J. and K. Barry. Assessing the Effectiveness of Laboratory Simulations in Biology Education. 2012. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science (accepted with revisions).

Borth, W.B., Barry, K., Obuwan, K., Xu, M.Q., Liu, R.W., Kuehnle, A.R., and J.S. Hu. 2006. Movement of Cymbidium Mosaic Virus and transgenic resistance in Dendrobium orchids. Acta Hort.722:137-146.
Barry, K., Hu, J.S., Kuehnle, A., and Suggi, N.  1996.  Sequence analysis of cymbidium mosic and odontoglossum ringspot viruses and comparison of RT-PCR and ELISA for detection of the two orchid viruses in Hawaii.  J. Phytopathol.144: 179-186.
Li, H.P., Hu, J.S., Barry, K. and Faan, H.C.  1996.  Coat protein sequence analysis of three cucumber mosaic virus strains infecting banana.  Chin. J. Virol. 12: 236-242.
Li, H.P., Hu, J.S., Barry, K., and Faan, H.C.  1996.  Studies of transgenic tobacco plants with the coat protein genes of cucumber mosaic virus strains infecting banana.  Chin. J. Virol. 12: 162-169.

*Graduate students at SIUE

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