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Recent Publications:  Ralph Axtell, Ph.D.

Axtell, R. W. 2012.  Diversity, Distribution Maps, and Atlas Production. In McDiarmid, R. W., M. S. Foster, C. Guyer, J. W. Gibbons, and N. Chernoff, Eds., Reptile Biodiversity Standard Methods for Inventory and Monitoring. University of California Press. pp.55-61.

Axtell, R. W. 2009. Elegant Earless Lizard. In L.L.C. Jones and R. E. Lovich, Eds., Lizards of the American Southwest. Rio Nuevo Publishers. Tucson, AZ. pp.150-153.

Walker, J. M., Dixon, J. R., Axtell, R. W., and Cordes, J. E. 2009. The taxonomic status of the inornate (unstriped) and ornate (striped) whiptail lizards (Aspidoscelis inornata [Baird]) from Coahuila and Nuévo Leon, México. Herpetological Review, 40 (3):276-282.

Essner, Jr. R. L., and R. W. Axtell. 2008. Geographic Distribution. Diadophis punctatus. Herpetological Review 39(2):240.

Axtell, R. W. 2005. Interpretive Atlas of Texas Lizards. Anolis carolinensis (29), 22 pp.+ map. Uta stansburiana (30), 17 pp.+ map. Privately published.

Axtell, R. W. and H. M. Smith. 2004. Clarification of name usage for the Variable Skink, Eumeces multivirgatus epipleurotus. Southwestern Naturalist. 49 (1): 100.

Axtell, Ralph W.  2000. Interpretive Atlas of Texas Lizards. (22):  Eumeces multivirgatus epipleurotus.  6 pp.+ Map.  Privately published.
Smith, H. M., D. Chiszar, R. W. Axtell, and R. G. Webb.  1999.  Sceloporus undulatus speari Geographic Distribution.  Herpetological Review 30 (2).

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