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Planning for the Health Professions--Goals
(4/3/06, by Dr. C. B. Wilson)

There are many goals to consider as you prepare to apply to and enter postgraduate health professions, beginning as early as possible. These goals may overlap, but they are all important to a successful application.

  • Meet minimum requirements for admission to the intended program (requirements vary by school in some cases, but include certain courses, grades, and admissions exam scores).
  • Prepare for the appropriate admission exam in a timely way.
  • Prepare to be a competitive applicant (take recommended courses as well as required ones, consider extracurricular activities, research and health profession experience as appropriate for the intended program).
  • Prepare to begin the professional program (make first year or two easier by taking selected courses at the undergraduate level).
  • Achieve a well-rounded education in both science and non-science areas.

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