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Name Research Interests and Contact Information
Dr. Elaine Abusharbain
  • Interests:  Environmental education, classroom environment, evaluation, in service teacher professional development
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone: 618-650-2453
  • Email: eabusha@siue.edu
Dr. Ralph Axtell
  • Interests:  Evolutionary systematics and zoogeography, morphometric analysis of diversity among and within species, range limitation studies in amphibians and reptiles
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-3405
  • Email:   raxtell@siue.edu
Dr. Kelly Barry
  • Interests:  Biology education, Biology teacher professional development, plant tissue culture and plant conservation, biotechnology curriculum development
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-5245
  • Email:   kbarry@siue.edu
Dr. Richard Brugam
  • Interests:  Paleoecology, diatom ecology, pollen analysis, human disturbance and the developmental history of lakes, impacts of mining on lakes
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-2377
  • Email:   rbrugam@siue.edu
Dr. Paul Brunkow
Dr. David Duvernell
Dr. Elizabeth Esselman
Dr. Rick Essner
Dr. Tom Fowler
Dr. Amy Hubert
  • Interests:  Cell differentiation
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-3406
  • Email:  
Dr. David Jennings
Dr. Dennis Kitz
  • Interests:  Host-pathogen interactions, effect of antibiotics and cytokines on host immune response
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-3004
  • Email:   dkitz@siue.edu
Dr. Luci Kohn
  • Interests:  Quantitative morphology; genetic and environmental influences on skeletal and dental morphology; evolution of morphology
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-2394
  • Email:   lkohn@siue.edu
Dr. Kevin Krajniak
Dr. Faith Liebl
Dr. Zhi-Qing Lin
  • Interests:  Developing phytoremediation technology for the cleanup of trace element contaminated water and soil, including the use of phytoextraction, phytostabilization, phytovolatilization, and constructed wetland treatment systems.
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-2650
  • Email:   zhlin@siue.edu
Dr. Darron Luesse
  • Interests:  Molecular processes behind plant gravitropism and other environmental responses, intracellular signal transduction, plant physiology
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-2153
  • Email:   dluesse@siue.edu
Dr. Vance McCracken
  • Interests:  Gastrointestinal microbiology and mucosal immunology, Helicobacter pylori, inflammatory bowel disease, molecular approaches to microbial ecology.
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-5246
  • Email:   vmccrac@siue.edu
Dr. Peter Minchin
Dr. William Retzlaff
  • Interests:  Environmental modeling, physiology of forest tree growth, stable isotopes as environmental tracers
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-2728
  • Email:   wretzla@siue.edu
Dr. Kurt Schulz
  • Interests:  Forest canopy-understory interactions, phenotype plasticity, morphological integration, restoration ecology
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-3005
  • Email:   kschulz@siue.edu
Dr. Chris Theodorakis
Dr. Paul Wanda
  • Interests:  Animal virology, erythroid differentiation, cell signaling
  • Recent Publications
  • Phone:   618-650-2336
  • Email:   pwanda@siue.edu
Dr. Jake Williams

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Richard Keating (Email: rkeatin@siue.edu)

Dr. Steven McCommas (Email: smccomm@siue.edu)

Dr. Nancy Parker (Email: nparker@siue.edu)

Dr. Marian Smith (Email: msmith@siue.edu)

Dr. Jamie E. Thomerson (Email: jthomerson@austin.rr.com)

Dr. Christina (Wilson) Broderson (Email: weft00@gmail.com)


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