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Please refer to the current SIUE undergraduate catalog or the Biology Department Web Page for detailed specialization requirements for biology majors.

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Applying to Podiatry School

The requirements for admission to the schools and colleges of podiatry vary, but students wishing to study podiatry should be certain to take at least 8 to 12 semester hours of biology, 8 semester hours of general chemistry, 8 semester hours of organic chemistry, 8 semester hours of general physics, and 6 semester hours of English. Other courses required may include biochemistry, genetics, comparative anatomy, college math, and social science and humanities courses. The science courses should be pre-professional level courses designed for science majors or health professional students and should offer laboratory experience. Brief survey courses in the sciences will not prepare you for podiatry school. Be sure to consult with the pre-podiatry advisor at your school or an advisor at the school or college of podiatry that you plan to attend.

Students should apply to podiatry schools in the summer or fall of the year before they plan to begin the program. Do not wait until just before the deadline to apply-- apply close to the earliest time they accept applications. Investigate the web sites for programs that are of interest to you to make sure that you take the prerequisite courses required--not all programs require the same courses. Most programs require the MCAT or GRE as an admissions test.

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