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Information for Students Interested in Careers in Wildlife or Resource Management

Job and Internship Links

  • Texas A&M Job Board  Listing of jobs available in the areas of Wildlife, Forestry and Fisheries (includes summer and part-time jobs).
  • Student Conservation Association  Listing of internships (both paid and unpaid) in conservation-related areas.

  • Society for Conservation Biology Jobs Board  Listing of jobs available in the areas of Conservation, Wildlife, Resource Management, etc.

  • Society for Ecological Restoration Jobs Board  Listing of jobs available in the areas of Conservation, Wildlife, Resource Management, etc.

  • The Nature Conservancy Jobs Listings  Listing of jobs available in The Nature Conservancy, a major non-profit agency that is active worldwide.

  • ECOLOG-listserve  Link to web archive of the ECOLOG e-mail listserve.  You will find many job and internship announcements among the postings.

  • Federal Government Wildlife Biologist Requirements  Note that Federal jobs and most State wildlife/resource management jobs require that you have at least 9 hours of botany (plant science) courses.  Many of our Ecology, Evolution, and Environment graduates do not take enough plant courses to satisfy this requirement.  You can count 2 credit hours from BIOL 151 as a plant course.  In addition, you will need two other plant courses, one of which must involve a significant component of plant identification or taxonomy.

Obtaining Certification as a Wildlife Biologist

Biological Sciences majors in the Ecology, Evolution & Environment concentration (BIOE) who are interested in a career in Wildlife Management, Resource Management or a similar field, may be interested in applying to the Wildlife Society for certification as an Associate Wildlife Biologist.   

Information on the Wildlife Society's certification program is at the following link: Wildlife Society Certification Program

For more information, contact Dr. Essner or Dr. Minchin.  We have worked out a sample BIOE curriculum that should allow you to qualify for certification in four years.

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