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Uniqueness of PSM

The main difference in the Biotechnology Management emphasis from other master's degrees in the sciences is the internship and business courses that enhance the biology courses work. Part of the M.S. program will be an internship opportunity (6 hours credit) at an area company. The companies represented on the Biotechnology Management Advisory Board are Divergence Inc., Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center, Colliant LLC Apath LLC, ProteoPlex Inc., and Pharmacia Corporation. This Advisory Board ensures that the Biotechnology Management program meets the area's workforce needs. Companies such as these will be providing the internship opportunities. At the end of internship, students prepare a research paper and presentation, similar to a corporate report, about their experience.

In addition to at least 19 credit hours in biological sciences courses, students will take business courses in accounting and computer information and a course in an area such as project management, thus providing them with necessary business skills. After completing the program, graduates will have the necessary science background, as well as an important business background to help the needs of area industry.



Contact: Dr. Vance McCracken

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