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Program of Study

The Biotechnology Management program requires 34 semester hours.

Required Courses (13 hours)

         Enrollment in a total of 4 hours in BIOL 595 -2 hours (topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology ) or BIOL 596 -2 hours (topics in Organismic Biology), at least twice or in combination and taught by at least two different faculty members.

         Enrollment in 9 hours in ACCT 524 -3 hours (Managerial Accounting), CMIS 526 -3 hours (Information Systems Theory), and a course in business selected in consultation with the biology faculty advisor.

Electives (15 hours)

         Students must take a minimum of 15 hours in biology course electives.

Internship (6 hours)

         Students enroll in 6 hours of BIOL 598 (Internship) and produce an acceptable research paper based on the internship.




Contact: Dr. Vance McCracken

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