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CAREER AND SELF-ASSESSMENT                    Site contains personality inventory used to identify your Myers-Briggs Type.        Specify your skill and find occupations to match.              Identify your interests and match to an occupation.                  On-line companion to the book “What color is your parachute?”       Site shows the 16 career clusters and plans of study for high school, college, and vocational/technical schools.                    Site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. Career resources-site geared to career changers.  Contains job search and job openings information.




DATABASES                               Full content of the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), with info on occupations                 Occupational salary information.                                  Site is sponsored by the US employment and Training administration to provide information on occupations, resume help etc.                   Military career guide online source of info about careers in the U.S, Armed Services Occupational descriptions are provided.                 Occupational info about health careers.




JOB SEARCH AND JOB OPENINGS                      Site lists jobs in virtually all fields from employers around the world.                            Missouri work force sites.                              Job search help, career help, resume help.                                    Career and employment information with the US office.




EDCUATION AND TRAINING   Database with information on accredited colleges.                            Site to find community college nearest to you.                      Features college catalogs in original page format for selected schools.                           Assist students in deciding on a major and college.                               National Center for Educational Statistics.              Data base of online colleges, business and trade schools.                 Guide to colleges, funding opportunities, college catalogs and electronic applications.                College information, financial aid information, scholarships.




FINANCIAL AID RESOURCES                        Search for colleges/scholarships.                              Online application for financial aid.                              Scholarships.                          Guide to financial aid.                       Scholarship information.


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